With support from Wisconsin livestock producers, industry and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), the voluntary Identifying WisconsinTM branded Official ID program has been developed and is the first of its kind.

What is it?

The Identifying WisconsinTM initiative is an independent, industry-funded program dedicated to accurate animal identification and highlighting the consumer value and quality of Wisconsin livestock. This program identifies a source of products produced through trusted management, for local, national and international market confidence.

How Does the Identifying WisconsinTM Program Work?

Under the Identifying WisconsinTM program, Wisconsin producers can purchase approved AIN (840) and Premises ID tags. All tags approved for the program will carry the "Wisconsin Origin" seal that is printed by tag manufacturers and only distributed to farms in the state of Wisconsin.

The tags offered under this program can be used to satisfy traceability needs for marketing, animal health programs and on farm management. Data about the farm of origin is housed in a producer and industry managed database in Madison, WI.

Why Should I Switch to the Identifying WisconsinTM Branded Tags?

* Participation in the Identifying WisconsinTM program does not require an additional fee from producers, but relies on their trust and support to make the decision to apply the branded tag to their animals to uphold the associated quality and values that brand represents.

* It promotes the values Wisconsin producers uphold in their own families and livestock operations.

* The branded tag symbolizes producer commitment to a quality product they produce to nourish others.

* The recognizable tag will help support modern farm practices such as on-farm integration of record keeping technology and better record keeping processes overall.

* These simple tags help bolster a producer participant's bottom-line by leveraging the added value of the brand that represents trust in superior quality.

* Participating animals that carry the Identifying WisconsinTM branded tag comply with the National Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) regulations for interstate movement of livestock, allowing for ease of transfer and transport - carrying the trusted Identifying WisconsinTM tag safely and securely beyond state boundaries.

How Does This Program Benefit Me, As A Producer and Our Ag Industry?

* Will provide a pro-active, industry-run approach to protecting the livestock and livestock industry in the state.

* Provides a program that will help improve herd management and position the livestock industry for the future. Will help producers market their live animals and genetics.

* Will help the agriculture industry and our Dept of Ag to promote WI positively by showing other states and countries the different programs we have in place to help safeguard the industry and our products.

* Example: Secretary Ben Brancel recently visited China to encourage WI exports; this program displays a regional effort by WI to promote the value of ID to help secure future sales and exports with China and other countries.

* Wisconsin has been a leader in animal ID and disease traceability and this program will help Wisconsin move these efforts forward.

* The program serves as a model that other states livestock groups can adopt to help them move animal ID and disease traceability further in their states. 

* This program allows Wisconsin to take animal ID and disease traceability above and beyond the current National standards.


As consumers and export markets require more traceability of the product sold back to the farm of origin, the Identifying WisconsinTM program has allowed Wisconsin to take a leadership position in this effort.

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Program Detailer