Traceability Rule Finalized

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"What Do I Need To Do To Comply?"

What do you need to know now that the final USDA Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) rule has been published?

The core principle of the rule, with some exceptions, requires that livestock moving interstate must be officially identified. Some forms of identification you have relied on in the past may no longer be official once the rule is fully implemented.

If you're not sure what to do or don't want to spend the time researching, you're in luck!

Under Identifying WisconsinTM, Wisconsin producers with a premises ID can purchase and apply these branded tags without the need of a veterinarian. These tags can be used to satisfy animal health programs both at the state and national levels, traceability needs for marketing and on-farm management. In addition, if your vet needs an official ID for vaccinations, all you have to do is report the existing tag number; there is no need to add another tag.

Making the decision to switch to the Wisconsin branded tag is easy because they are priced the same as other tags currently on the market. By participating in the program you are supporting Wisconsin's traceability system because for every tag sold, the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium receives 5 cents to help move these efforts forward.

In the event of an animal disease outbreak, all markets and states can be affected but how quickly Wisconsin can re-enter those markets becomes the question.